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Our No-Contact Food Delivery Protocol

Based on advice from Delaware’s Department of Health and Human Services and the CDC

Caffé Gelato staff making deliveries are to maintain 6 feet away from others. Caffé Gelato team members preparing meals must also observe current guidelines on “Social Distancing” at all times. This means staying 6 feet away from others working and avoiding physical contact with others.

When Caffé Gelato drivers arrive at the home, the meal is placed outside the door and the customer is texted or called. Caffé Gelato drivers avoid touching the door or bell. Drivers wear gloves. Caffé Gelato drivers are instructed to stay at least 6 feet back from the door and confirm the meal was received.

Caffé Gelato drivers sanitize and/or wash hands and change gloves between each delivery.

Caffé Gelato staff are directed to avoid using their fingers and hands to touch surfaces. This includes doors, light switches, tables and countertops. Staff is instead suggested to use their elbow rather than hands or encouraged to use a paper towel. All Caffé Gelato staff use gloves while working. Caffé Gelato staff are reminded not to touch eyes, nose or mouth with gloves — and handwashing and a glove change is required after any inadvertent face touch.

Caffé Gelato kitchen ServSafe Chefs, kitchen staff, ServSafe food handlers and delivery staff are now all wearing N95 masks. Masks are sanitized using UV light.

Caffé Gelato staff is using CDC protocol for hand washing and CDC signs are posted at each handwashing sink. Surfaces are sanitized constantly. Please see Caffé Gelato’s COVID-19 policy and prevention.